The Path Elements Assessment©

Communication and Relationships

There's no escaping these two words when it comes to most of us.  In some way, shape or form they are part of our daily lives, spent with people.

Improving upon communication and relationships requires trying something new when things are not working so well.

Do you dig in?  Give in?

Stand your ground? Build a wall?

Disappear into the background? Try to be the peacemaker?

What if you had a simple tool that had built in information that you use on a regular basis and understand?  What if that information could be applied 'before' the next misunderstanding or outburst of exchange?

Would you try it?  Would you invest in yourself and your relationships and bring a fresh perspective to those you care about?

That tool is the Path Elements Assessment.  In less than 15 minutes you will have access to your results that uses a common vocabulary and a precise set of traits to empower you with new ways of engaging and relating with those you care about.

 The Path Elements Assessment includes:

  • Path Elements Assessment
  • Full Path Elements Report
  • Strengths, Challenges and Insights for each Element
  • How Others Perceive You
  • 12 Point Elemental Application
  • Steps towards a Personal Growth Plan

 Take the Path Elements Assessment and discover how to have fun, freedom, and expression in your relationships and communication.


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