5 Essential Skills of Coaching

The 5 Essential Skills of Coaching

This course is specifically designed to introduce the 5 basic skills of coaching within the context of the Four Elements of Success.  You will learn how to  Coach Elementally and use the Path Elements assessment in your coaching practice.  This also means that you will have access to the Path Elements Technology Dashboard as a Coach.

Our ultimate goal is to equip you as an Elemental Coach.  Combining the Elements and Coaching brings a powerful skill set for increasing movement and direction for clients and teams.  The Elemental Leader Training is a requirement before taking this Coaching Course. The Elemental Leader Training is separate course taught online.  For more information please inquire with a member of our team.

The Path Coach for this course is Rhonda York, PPC, BCC (Professional Certified Coach and Board Certified Coach).  She holds an MS degree in Executive Coaching and is certified in Conversational Intelligence.  She is the President and Chief Executive Coach at TeamWide Solutions, LLC.

Register today for an amazing experience Coaching the Elements and earn the Elemental Coach endorsement as you expand your services as an Elemental Coach.


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